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     We developed the AFT™ Linked-Reads technology that Amplifies, Fragments, and Tags DNA in one single step. AFT™ technology maximizes the NGS library preparation efficiency, now libraries of whole Genome of a single cell can be made in less than 3 hours.

     AFT™ technology also resists to inhibitory impurities from raw samples, and makes sequencing library directly from 0.1 μL of whole blood and environmental microbe pellet.

     We make our kits in the manufacturing facility that is compliant to ISO 13485:2016, cGMP, and quality system regulations (21 CFR 820).

     One last thing, the AFT™ reaction features repetitive iterations of the amplification, makes amplicons from amplicons, creates families of linked reads that share a same 3′ region by running-off at the 5′ of the same amplicon. The unique feature of linked reads facilitates the long scaffolding, de novo assembly, and haploid phasing.

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